Home, Garden,Turf & Landscape Pests


 Pests of homes and structures


        Household: pests of homes, structures, people and pets

        Pests that sting, bite, or injure

        Wood-destroying, food, fabric, and nuisance pests

        Verbebrate pests birds, mammals, and reptiles


Pests in gardens and landscapes



    Fruit trees, nuts, berries, and grapevines

    Lawns and turf, including comprehensive lawn guide

    Trees and shrubs, including roses and other ornamentals

    Vegetables and melons


Some common pests and methods


    Birds, mammals, and reptiles: vertebrate pests

    Insects, mites, mollusks, and nematodes: invertebrate pests

    Plant diseases


    Management methods, including pesticides and biological control


Home, Garden, Turf and Landscape Pests

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